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Be The Light In Your Neighbor's Life     Yahweh Faith Ministries
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Be A Full time
 24/7 National Association Of Christian Ministers
Matt 22:14 For Many Are Called But Few Are Chosen. Amen.
In God We Trust Everyday Thank a Veteran for Serving
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Please fill out and make sure you let me know the issues or concerns under comments so I can pray for you and your family.

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If God Has Put On Your Heart To Sow Seed In This Ministry
               Please Send Check or Money Order To:
Yahweh Faith Ministries
                                   173  Dogwood  Trl
                                Maynardville Tn 37807

Pastor David Gorbet 
Cell  832 ) 640-2741 .                                                                    100 % Of Donations Go To : The Needy And The
                                                                                                         Homeless , Widows And Single Mothers.
May God Bless You And Your Family
Without Measure  Amen .......

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